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I am not a wholesale customer, can I order?

My website is sold to countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Azerbaijan, CIS countries, etc. You are purchasing one piece for your own use, as long as you can bear the freight and have the appropriate shipping channels, you can order it. Russian retail customers can send home addresses through CDEK Express. Or let people bring the goods to Moscow, contact them to pick up the goods.

Countries in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Italy, France, Spain, Australia, Japan, South Korea, etc., if they are wholesale customers, they can also accept orders. If it is for us to send directly to the above countries. We are not taking orders. If it is forwarded to Russia or the CIS countries, it can also be ordered.

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shopping process
How to register a member account?

Customer account registration, login process

1. Click the small icon on the home page to pop up the account information and go to the registration and login page:

1. Go to the registration and login page:

Have an account, enter the account number and password on the right to enter the personal account.

Not registered, enter your email address on the left to register, or register with another social account.

(1). Email registration:

Fill in the corresponding registration information, with * is required.

You can also choose whether to become a referrer, participate in the referral program, and get extra rewards!

Assign an address alias for future reference here, the default is my address. Can be modified to my home address, office address, friend address, etc.

Content without the red * symbol can be left blank.

(2). Other social account registration:

1. After registration and login, you can enter the personal account to view the account information:

shopping process

How to buy an order to buy?

1. register the member first, fill in the contact information in detail.

2. choose your own website browsing language and currency

3.you can then filter the products you are satisfied with through the menu or category, click Submit to the shopping cart, you can continue shopping or go to the settlement. Check the quantity and color of the product in the shopping cart again. We use the image as the product confirmed by the order (the name or color description may be wrong, you need to help us point out that we will correct the error in time). If there is no problem, Going to the next step,

4. When the registration terms are checked, the payment method will appear. By default, the bank remittance method (not paid immediately) is used as the payment method. Next submit to confirm my order.

5. After the order is submitted successfully, check the order status in the order details, and select the remark status after the product of the order. Is to confirm the choice "please stock" If you are asking for the spot, please select "whether there is goods" and so on

6. If you are the first customer, we will communicate with you after we see the order. The processing status of the order will reply to the order processing status in the status of the product of the order. You can clearly understand the situation from the stocking of our order to the entire state of delivery.

7. After you order the products and the suppliers are shipped to the Beijing Turnover Warehouse, we will check the product quality again. There is no problem with the product, we will inform you of the payment.

8. We receive your payment or your remittance voucher. We will package your goods to your designated shipping warehouse. Whether it is insurance according to your requirements (recommended insurance)

Nine, the delivery is completed, we will upload the delivery voucher (provided that the delivery warehouse is provided) to the folder of your account center, you can download and view

10. After the foreign warehouse arrives, you will be notified to pick up the goods. When you pick up the goods, please check the integrity of the package. If there is any damage, please check the quantity and damage of the goods in time, and communicate with the warehouse.

11. Receive the goods and check the quality of the products in time, if there are any problems with the products. Please take a photo and tell us the actual situation. We will tell you how to deal with the follow-up.

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payment method
How to pay for the goods?

When you place an order, the order amount is less than 20,000 yuan. Our factory will complete the stock according to your order requirements. It takes about 2-3 days to ship from the factory warehouse to the Beijing warehouse, and then we will check again. quality. To ensure that there is no problem with the quality, we will inform you to pay the full amount. After receiving the payment, you can then send your goods to the designated warehouse. Is it insured according to your requirements? You don't need to come to China to check and ship the goods.

payment method:

1. You can pay through your receiving warehouse, first transfer the money to the warehouse, wait for us to deliver to your designated warehouse, and send the warehouse to us after the delivery.

2, A; transfer through bank account B; Western Union remittance C; Silver Star Express D; MoneyGram E: designated warehouse withdrawal; F: middleman remittance.

What payment method is available when the order is submitted?

When the order is submitted, the bank transfer method is selected by default, and there is no payment immediately. You need to wait for our stocking to notify you of the payment.

About Western Union payment

If your order is ready, we will notify you of the payment. When you pay by Western Union, please note that the country of the payee is China. The surname and name must be carefully asked the bank staff to take care not to fill in the wrong. After the remittance is completed, please tell me the country, currency, and amount of the remittance. The surname and name of the sender. There is also the order number of Western Union. You can also take a photo of the remittance slip to me.


Delivery Method
What are the delivery methods?

In today's era, e-commerce is the mainstream business method. People shop online through online orders, and fast logistics and distribution is very important. We have long-term logistics partners with good reputation and strength. Provide, small package logistics, bulk logistics, land transportation, air transportation. There is a special line express, there are also people to bring goods channels. If you are in a hurry, you can get to Moscow in 2-3 days. Deliver the products you ordered quickly to your hands. If you don't have a cooperative logistics warehouse yet, you can tell us that we will recommend you a satisfactory warehouse to give you no transportation concerns. If you are an individual user who is shipped to Russia, we can deliver it to you through CDEK Logistics.

CDEK shipping quotation


I have not cooperated with the shipping warehouse, how can I find a suitable shipping warehouse?

Distinguished wholesale customers: If you don't know how to ship to you after ordering, you don't have a satisfactory cooperation warehouse yet. We can recommend a few good credit logistics companies to let you choose. You must first tell me your country, city, and detailed contact information, phone number, mail, vk number, etc. (it is best to fill in the information when you register). At present, our countries for wholesale customers are: Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Kazakh, Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Armenia, Moldova, Estonia, Latvia and other countries. Other countries do not accept orders because they do not have a cooperating delivery logistics company. If you have your own shipping channel, you can order it. The products you buy are for your own use, as long as they are basically shipped in the above countries. If it is Russia, we can send it to your home address via cdek's courier.

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about that product
The products on the website are very beautiful, the price is very cheap, is the product authentic?

The products on our website are all high imitation products. Quality quality view the following categories

Description of product quality level:

The quality grade of leather goods and bags is divided into

1, the original single (1:1): that is, the closest to the original. However, some individual products will be slightly inferior to the original. The quality of the original products, including hardware, fabrics, dimensions, functions, handwork, packaging, etc., are among the best in the market.

2, the original leather (AAA): The quality is slightly worse than the original, fabrics and handmade are also very good. Not equipped with gift bags and boxes.

3, AA: The products with the price below medium in the market are of average quality.

 The quality level of the jewelry is divided into

1. Original (1:1): This is the product closest to the original. However, some individual products will be slightly inferior to the original. The quality of the original products, including hardware, fabrics, dimensions, functions, handwork, packaging, etc., are among the best in the market.

2, AAA: The quality is slightly worse than the original one, fabric and handwork are also very good. Not equipped with gift bags and boxes.

3, AA: The products with the price below medium in the market are of average quality.

The quality level of the watch is divided into

1. Re-engraving: It is the original watch opening mold. The size, thickness, screw workmanship and original can be interchanged with the original watch. The quality and quality are infinitely close to authentic.

2, the original single (1:1): the original single product is part of the accessories to the authentic factory, quality and quality and counter sales

Quality level of sports shoes

1, genuine (no authorization)

2, the company level (1:1) is also the closest to the original product

3, the true standard level (AAA) is worse than the company-level quality, not necessarily the same as the original version, may not match the original color.

After sales service
Return / Exchange Application

Quality Assurance: There is no need to worry about the purchase of fraud or quality disputes. After you place an order, we will confirm the stock situation at the first time, and respond or purchase the goods according to your inquiry. We will help you to get the first quality control before the supplier warehouse delivers the goods. We will check the quality of the products according to the standard procedures. Then check the quality again when the goods arrive at the warehouse. Once you have no problem, just unpack it and let you know the payment. (You can also pay through your receiving warehouse, wait for us to deliver to your warehouse, and pay us with the invoice after delivery.) We will receive your payment and we will deliver it according to your prompt. Your shipping warehouse. After you receive the product and check to confirm that the product has no quality problems, click to confirm the receipt of the goods. If you find the product in question within 3 days, please take a photo and let us know, we will reply to your comments. I also hope that you will make more suggestions on all aspects of our efforts to achieve your most satisfactory. 818dior Wholesale Network has established a high-quality supplier file, and once found that the poor quality of the processing plant will cancel the qualification of the manufacturer.

Product application return

If the product received has quality problems, it has not been used, and the original packaging has not been removed. According to the situation, if it can not be used and repaired normally, apply for return within three days.

Find this order in the order history details, then click View more under the red order number to open the order details. Apply for a refund of the goods received. (You must first confirm the receipt before you can apply for a refund)

Shopping guide
What is the relationship between the quantity and price of the purchase?

Because our website is a wholesale website, when the quantity of a single color of the products you purchase exceeds the first set of packages, it will enter the price of the second block. That is to say, the more the single color products purchased in a single purchase, the cheaper the price will be.

Distribution help
Conditions and requirements for applying for a distribution website

Conditions and requirements for applying for a distribution website:

As our distribution partner, if you want to have your own independent website, combine online and offline sales. We can provide free technical support.

The reference distribution website has been opened https://www.bag168.ru; https://www.maxbrands.ru

The function of your own independent website:

1. The 818dior.ru website will push the latest product information to your independent website in real time. You don't need to upload your own products to sync inventory in real time.

2. Your own independent website, you can set the language and currency of your website, product sales price and sales strategy. Your own contact information. Your own independent website domain name. It is entirely your own.

3. You can promote your own stand-alone station. After the customer places an order on your independent website, you can transfer the order to the 818dior website without having to re-order the 818dior website. Orders transferred to 818dior can be seen as your purchase order on our 818dior website. We still give you the wholesale price. Receive your transfer order, we are shipping to you. Instead of your customers, we settle with you and we don't see your customers' information.

4, independent website, multi-language, multi-currency, multi-screen adaptive, mobile phone access experience is also very good. You can collect the website app icon mobile phone desktop, and open the website conveniently and quickly.

5, your website products can be pushed to yandex, vk market, facebook, etc.

6, the website has a multi-level distribution and distribution function, your customers only need to share your website to get the sales commission.

7, the site has seo optimization features, it is easier for major search engines to find your website information.

8, the website has a free https certificate function

Other fees for independent websites:

1. The deployment and operation and maintenance of the website is free.

2. Customers who have an annual order amount of more than 600,000 yuan on the 818dior.ru website can apply for a free website of their own.

3. For customers whose order amount is less than 600,000, if they apply for an independent website of their own, they need to pay the hosting fee of their own deployment server. (5000 yuan / year). If the order amount reaches the condition, we will refund the hosting fee of the server.

4. A domain name needs to be provided. You can buy it on these 2 websites: https://www.nic.ru/ or https://sweb.ru/

Referrer help
How to recommend website sharing to friends?

How to recommend website sharing to friends

1. Log in to your member center first.

2. In the left menu of the member center, you can see the recommendation plan. After clicking, you can see 4 sub-menu options: recommend my friends; wait for friends; my friends recommend; statistics

You can see the rules for the referral program in the My Referral Friend option. Social sharing shortcut button. Your own referral link, your own referrer id number. A recommended ad image has been created. Recommended mailing shortcuts.

Detailed recommended actions:

1. Log in to your social account by clicking on the social sharing shortcut. Share the already created ad image or a link with your own referral.

2. Right click to save the ad image to your computer or mobile phone. Then send it to friends in different ways or share it to your circle of friends, space, and more.

3. You can tell your friends to fill in your email address or your referee id when they register. After they register, they will become your member. You can see the details in my account-recommended plan-statistics. .

How to apply as a referrer?

If you have your own customer resources, you can become a referrer. First register as a member, then the mobile phone scan code on the bottom of the WeChat website, note the application as a recommender, or directly submit the application online communication software.

How to view and withdraw revenue?

How to view and withdraw revenue

1. Log in to your member account first.

2, left menu click on my reward account, open it can see 3 sub-menu: my account; reward history; vouchers history. There are rewards and withdrawal rules

3. Each customer's transaction information will be viewed in the total reward, converted, paid, seen, waiting for verification, waiting for payment.

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