LV M40352 老花1-1

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中古豌豆包Odeo小号月亮包,以 Monogram 帆布和加固皮革边角传递复古意味。可调节肩带便于肩背或斜挎,老花配皮链条肩带月亮包月牙包半圆包弧形包豌豆包,轻启拉链即可取放随行物品。

Quality level1:1
Main figure sourceThe physical no model
Supply categorySpot
Box package styleShoulder bag
Box package sizeIn
Lining materialBrie
Bags materialpu with leather
Cortical featuresHead layer cowhide
Opening the lid wayZip
Specifications size29 x 16 x 9.5 厘米 (长度 x 高 x 宽)
Packaging caseBag, Gift box, Specification, Transparent plastic sealing bag
Fabric origin whether importedIs

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