Chanel Gabriel perfume 100ml 9274 original single 1-1

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Gabrielle Chanel Gabrielle perfume 100ml 9274 original single 1-1
The new Chanel Gabrielle perfume, a dazzling and moving fragrance for women. Perfumer Olivier Boju worked hand in hand with Chanel Perfume Laboratory. Inspired by Gabrielle Chanel, he selected four white flowers to create a radiant white flower.
The thin and transparent glass bottle walls on all sides make the fragrance in the square bottle seem to be suspended in the air, and its attractive luster shines completely. The label and the bottle cap show the same square outline and gold-like woven gold tones. The inside of the perfume box is decorated with a more luxurious and precious warm gold tone. The specially designed inner box tightly protects the perfume bottle, and the box body outlines the bottle body in a relief-like form.
Chanel Gabrielle perfume is dedicated to every radiant and extraordinary woman.

Olfactory atmosphere

Chanel Gabrielle perfumes interpret pure floral notes. The four white flowers outline an imaginary flower, as if four points of light emerge from the four corners of the bottle. Exquisite and soft exotic jasmine sets the tone, while ylang-ylang gleams with a refreshing green fruity fragrance. The crystal clear and fresh orange blossoms gradually revealed, embellished with a touch of glass tuberose that is waiting to be released, with a long aftertaste.
Dreamlike flowers, shining dazzling light, show the pure feminine charm only belongs to Chanel.


Before becoming designer Coco, she was Gabrielle. Perfumer Olivier Boju worked hand in hand with Chanel Perfume Laboratory to create this perfume inspired by the spirit represented by Gabrielle. She once said, "I decide who I want to be. This is me." She is a born rebel, passionate and free.
Dedicated to every radiant extraordinary woman.

Fragrance Art

Spray the Chanel Gabriel perfume on your skin and clothing casually, allowing the charming fragrance to linger.
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Quality level1:1, The original single
Main figure sourceThe physical no model
Packaging caseOriginal gift box, Specification

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