Rolex Date Just 18k Gold Edition automatic mechanical watches

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Rolex Date Just 18k Yellow Gold

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Rolex case condition: as new 18-carat gold version using genuine Rolex factory commemorative pattern dial with real gold and silver wire engraving, Diamond bit using and genuine consistent 18ct gold bezel base, grain bag 18k gold, and enjoy the grain and the shell 904L stainless steel perfect to restore the Rolex case condition: as new color, powered by the super clone version CaL3135 automatic chain machine core, all parts perfect and original exchange, minutes, hours, seconds, three-pin can be installed perfectly in the genuine Rolex.

Watches quality levelsXtreme
Supply categoryOrdering
The Watch display typePointer
Clasp materialPackage of 18K gold
Mirror materialSapphire crystal mirror glass
Machine Core originHong Kong, China
Dial shapeCircular
Clasp stylesSingle folding buckle
Dial diameter36mm
Bottom of the table typeKey bottom
Case materialThe package really Gold
Packaging caseGift box

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