Cartier Black Knight blue balloon series watch WSBB0015

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Cartier Black Knight blue balloon series watch

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Blue balloon the Black Knight turned out, the workmanship is perfect 1 genuine, 1-On-1 proofread the whole texture. 2 the literal scale of the location, logo, thickness, and genuine. 3 Sapphire dual BU the Fish-Eye lens surface permeability, the head position of the ramp perfect Crescent, and the shell body seamless, 4 head blue spinel with genuine consistent mellow gloss. 5 is also the most important point, the machine core uses the same genuine, like the Swiss to wash flower art, automatic hammer original lettering and Geneva washing lines, 1 than 1 ingenuity to create!
Watches quality levelsXtreme
Supply categoryOrdering
The Watch display typePointer
Clasp materialStainless steel
Mirror materialSapphire crystal mirror glass
Machine Core originHong Kong, China
Dial shapeCircular
Clasp stylesSingle folding buckle
Dial diameter42mm
Bottom of the table typeKey bottom
Case materialStainless steel case with ADLC carbon coating process
Packaging caseGift box

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