Tudor(TUDOR)start bearing series M79730-0001 Mens Watch

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Tudor(TUDOR)start bearing series M79730-0001 watch

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2017 Basel new products
【Case】the watch diameter of 41 mm. Angular, masculine atmosphere. From the use of the CNC machine cutting the casting of the embryo to the forming, and finally adding a mirror Polish and matte brushed in the process Seiko polished engraved the original Edition, each finished case, the need after more than ten-channel processes as well as with a variety of grinding equipment tool and accessories, in order to complete
【Dial】Black with a slight matte sense to the original the same, the LOGO and the English use of superimposed printing technology, to say simple, but the finished product rate is very low, superimposed printing is based on the original overlapping printed multiple times. During the can not be printed crooked or blurred are not uniform, so that the logo letters slightly raised, exquisite extraordinary
【Mirror】with the original consensus of the sapphire material, with inner and outer double-layer anti-Stun ultra-transparent coating and, in some angle, you will find that the glass is gone.~
【Steel band】the new design, the strap on both sides of the chain section in a rivet connection, the structure is ladder-shaped, the difficulty increases. Followed by genuine pace, the perfect engraved presents can with the original mutual universal
Watches quality levelsXtreme
Supply categoryOrdering
The Watch display typePointer
Clasp materialStainless steel
Mirror materialSapphire crystal mirror glass
Machine Core originHong Kong, China
Dial shapeCircular
Clasp stylesSingle folding buckle
Dial diameter41mm
Bottom of the table typeKey bottom
Case materialStainless steel
Packaging caseGift box

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