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New Repair essence liquid, a bottle of rich legendary brand repair secret-the magical active quintessence of the essence of water, poured the skin of deep-sea mining of plant nutrients and abundant moisture, like a wet sponge, enhance the skin absorption of the force, and inspire follow-up care in effect, required to accelerate nutrition penetrate muscle at the end. Moist and silky texture like the silk satin as a luxurious brushed, the skin becomes soft and abundance. Achievements skin renewal becomes a critical first step.

Heritage of the deep sea miracle repair energy
Free Shipping on all orders, and soaked with a concentrated brand soul ingredients-the magical active quintessence Miracle Broth™, as if rejuvenating the skin of the pure liquid energy, a steady stream of charge, to nourish wrap cover, stimulate the skin self-renewal, improve texture and uniform colour.
Founder of the Kaga primary Dr. is convinced that the ocean is a magical treasure trove, and rich in calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron of deep sea kelp has infinite repair capacity. Dr. fresh picked giant algae, a blend of natural pure vitamins, minerals, essential oils, etc., with optical and sonar catalytic, after 3 to 4 months of the ancient method of fermentation, the achievements of drops of pure, luxury rare, to attain a nourishing repair secret ingredients magical active quintessence Miracle Broth™is.
Pour water to promote absorption
Marine rejuvenating ferment given repair essence liquid moisturizing properties. Extracted from have talent in the water storage capacity of Scenedesmus, it is grown in former A expanse of Africa Sahl Hasheesh desert, just a drop of water, can from a dormant state to awaken, re-ignite metabolism and defense functions. With Scenedesmus withstand extreme weather capability, while the pouring of the 73 species of marine minerals, Marine rejuvenating ferment just as the waters of the natural nutrients, nourish the skin and promote cell self-growth.
The unique essence toner gives repair essence liquid, such as silk satin-like an abundance of luxurious silky texture. With powerful delivery into the system, can enhance the skin the ability to absorb moisture makes the skin as a wet sponge, the accelerated nutrient penetration to muscle bottom, and inspire follow-up care effect.
If allergies, ear tests, such as Allergy, immediately stop using!
Quality level1:1, The original single
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Packaging caseSpecification, Original gift box

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