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A brand-new repair essence, a bottle of essence water enriched with the brand's legendary repair recipe- magic active essence , pours the skin's deep-sea mineral plant nutrients and abundant moisture, like a soaked sponge, enhances skin absorption and stimulates follow-up The effect of skin care products accelerates the penetration of required nutrients into the skin. The moist and silky texture is luxuriously brushed like silk satin, and the skin becomes soft and plump. The key first step to achieve skin rejuvenation.

Inheriting the deep-sea miracle repairing energy, the sea-blue mystery repairing essence is filled with concentrated brand soul ingredients- Miracle Broth™ , which is like the pure liquid energy that revitalizes the skin, continuously charging, nourishing and wrapping, Stimulates skin's self-renewal, improves skin texture and evens out skin tone.
The founder, Dr. He Bo, believes that the ocean is a magical treasure house, and the deep-sea macroalgae rich in calcium, magnesium, potassium, and iron have infinite repair capabilities. The doctor combines freshly picked macroalgae with natural and pure vitamins, minerals, plant essential oils, etc., and is catalyzed by optics and sonar. After 3 to 4 months of ancient fermentation, the result is pure, luxurious and rare. , Miracle Broth™, the magical active essence of the nourishing repair secret.
Pouring water to promote the absorption of marine rejuvenating enzymes to give the repair essence the hydrating properties. Extracted from Scenedesmus, which has a natural ability to store water, it grows in the once vast African Sahel Desert. With just a drop of water, it can wake up from its dormant state and rekindle its metabolism and defense functions. With the ability of Scenedesmus to withstand extreme climates, while pouring 73 kinds of marine minerals, marine rejuvenating enzymes are just like the natural nutrients of seawater, nourishing the skin and promoting cell self-growth.
The unique essence softening lotion gives the repair essence a rich and luxurious silky texture like satin. With a powerful delivery system, it can enhance the skin's ability to absorb moisture, making the skin act like a soaked sponge, accelerating the penetration of nutrients into the skin and stimulating the effect of subsequent skin care products.
If you are allergic, you need to test behind the ear, if you are allergic, stop using it immediately!
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