SK-II Skin Lightening Anti-Freckle Essence 1290 Original Single 1-1

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Contains Guangyunjiin* anti-spot technology compound and the trump card ingredient PITERA™**, which can accurately and effectively fight stubborn spots and make the skin brighter.

Unique new upgraded precision control smart dropper, skin enjoys an excellent repair experience.

*"Muscle" refers to skin damage factors, that is, multiple signs that affect skin whiteness: dark yellow skin, dullness, spots, roughness, lack of luster, lack of elasticity.
** PITERA™: is a registered trademark; the effect of the filtrate of the fermentation product of galactose yeast-like bacteria may vary from person to person. If you are allergic, you need to test behind the ear, if you are allergic, stop using it immediately!

Quality level1:1, The original single
Main figure sourceThe physical no model
Packaging caseOriginal gift box, Specification

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