Sisley Black Rose Nourishing Essential Oil 1590

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This product is Sisley's skin care essential oil for dry or mature skin. This silky care oil contains a high concentration of active ingredients that prepares the skin for deep nourishment and anti-aging effects.

-Enriched with Omega 3 and Omega 6, prepares the skin for subsequent daily skin care routines.

-The powerful plant active ingredients are integrated to nourish the skin, promote regeneration, and provide protection (sea fan algae, avocado unsaponifiable matter and natural vitamin E). This treatment oil injects the skin with vital and youthful elements. Plum oil and camelina oil maintain the lipid balance of the epidermal layer.

-The essence of black rose is the core of this formula, creating a beautiful silky soft texture for the skin. It combines the essential oils of Bulgarian rose and magnolia, contains conditioning and soothing effects, deeply awakening the senses.

It can significantly smooth out wrinkles and fine lines, revitalize the skin, and reproduce bright complexion

If you are sensitive, you need to test behind the ear, if you are allergic, stop using it immediately

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