Aquamarine mystery repair essence moisturizing mask 4174 original single 1-1

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The new repairing essence moisturizing facial mask purely blends the multi-mineral plant essence and the brand's soul ingredient- Miracle Broth™ , the magic active essence , intensive repair, filling and revitalizing the skin.
The fine fit tailored specifically for Asian faces will infiltrate the repairing energy into the skin, leaving the skin refreshed and radiant.
After cleansing your face and applying eye cream, apply the mask to your face to avoid contact with eyes. Press lightly to make it fit completely. After about ten minutes, gently remove the mask, avoid the remaining essence on the face from around the eyes, and pat on the entire face and neck until the skin is completely absorbed.
During the entire maintenance process of the mask, please do not touch your eyes. If you accidentally touch your eyes, please rinse immediately with water.
If you are allergic, please try it behind your ears. If you find allergies, stop using it immediately
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Quality level1:1, The original single
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Packaging caseGift box, Specification

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