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Contains three different forms of brand soul component-the magical activity of the extracts, the abundance of moist concentrated Repair Eye Cream, fade dark circles, reply to bright, smooth and full of elasticity. With firming and Energizing Eye Cream, Day and night relay rejuvenating eyes. This luxurious eye care product specifically for your eye's delicate skin tailor-made, can improve dark circles, puffiness,
Fine lines and wrinkles and other issues, make eye skin look more bright and healthy.
Concentrated Repair Eye Cream contains three different forms of magical Active Essence(Miracle Broth™): the original magical active Quintessence, the five-fold concentrated of magical activity of the extracts, as well as a sustained-release type of capsule particles the magical Active Essence, repair the eye skin. Concentrated Repair Eye Cream when used with the exclusive crafted silver
The product is rich in magnetization of the ore hematite(Hematite), help to give the skin vitality, long-term use, improve eye skin problems, the eyes looks Shine.
The bright Yan enzyme can penetrate into the muscle bottom, improve the complexion dull and uneven phenomenon. Originally dull, dull complexion, skin back to a radiant transparent healthy state.
Concentrated Repair Eye Cream choose from Marine and plant the precious ingredients strengthen the skin's self-support system. Loss of elasticity and roughness of the skin gradually becomes smooth and delicate, more can reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Help eye skin to resist external damage, make bright eyes flashing a youthful glow. Every morning and evening two times to import the stick dampened with an appropriate amount of concentrated repair eye cream, gently along the eye contour from the Outer to inner slide massage, then gently tap to promote absorption of the product. Then please with the use of the LA MER essence cream series.
If allergies, ear tests, such as Allergy, immediately stop using!

Quality level1:1, The original version
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Packaging caseOriginal gift box, Specification

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