Shiseido's high-end Ginza THE GINZA lady cleanser 130g 7466 original single 1-1

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This classic by SHISEIDO in the most cutting-edge brand around the world as long as the Japanese domestic release. Japan only Tokyo Ginza THE GINZA Main Store, the Imperial Hotel stores as well as Japan's major international airports are available, the General SHISEIDO counter is not buy! This series of products the packaging is very concise on the product, learn to skin with the environment and the seasons, give the skin sufficient, necessary and effective ingredients. The latest science and technology and Earth the mystery of creation of the effective ingredient together, extremely luxurious feeling and comfortable fragrance leaves skin relaxed toned, moisturized and shiny perfect Foundation cosmetics

Quality level1:1, The original single
Main figure sourceThe physical no model
Packaging caseOriginal gift box, Specification

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