lamer Mer Lau light-hwan becomes liquid Foundation 1477


New product

Brand new Mer Lau light-hwan becomes liquid Foundation, the brand of Soul composition, repair and maintenance secret recipe-the magical active quintessence Miracle Broth™with the color capsule technology exquisite Fusion, for skin poured miracle repair energy, makes the skin time hwan becomes ever. Gently fit the skin, to bring purely natural base makeup beauty, with the sea blue mystery of the new Lau light-hwan becomes a Foundation brush, hwan now in the light if no sense of bottom makeup. With a Foundation brush to the face evenly pushed, the time to create a luxury lotion for a flawless, long-lasting docile and exquisite makeup.

Color number: No. 01, powder white porcelain 30ml 02 ivory 30ml 03 warm white porcelain 30ml

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