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About wholesale website introduction

The 818Dior high imitation brand wholesale website is an online B2C website that integrates high imitation product supply chain services. We have a range of suppliers and long-term logistics partners. The manufacturers we work with have the ability to design, develop and produce, providing the most fashionable high imitation brand supply. One order, the spot inventory is the main. Orders, oem OEM services are also accepted. Most of our users are from Russia, Ukraine, Baku, Mongolia, Belarus, Lithuania, and other countries.

Our advantage:

Rich supply::
818dior wholesale network is the starting station of our domestic high imitation new products, every day hundreds of new listings, let you have more choices.

High quality and low price: the products from the processing factory through the 818dior wholesale network directly to the end users, reducing the middle wholesalers, and because the 818dior wholesale network is facing the former Soviet Union market, there are already many purchase customers, the production volume is huge, so The cost has been reduced to a minimum.

Convenient to purchase: If you are a buyer in Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Baku, etc., you have to spend thousands of dollars on travel expenses when you come to China to purchase goods. The boat does not work because of the number of each style. Dare to go in, you only want 2-5 for each model, but the average supplier needs 20-50 or more for each order. There are also fewer purchases and higher prices. And in the 818dior wholesale network does not have such a high purchase quantity requirement, one from the batch. The larger the single purchase quantity, the lower the price. And have more styles, popular and global synchronization, as long as you sit at home and click the mouse, the goods will be delivered to your store, and the purchase is quick and easy.

Quality Assurance:: There is no need to worry about the receipt of goods or the quality disputes. After you place an order, we will confirm the inventory situation at the first time, and reply or keep the goods according to your inquiry. We will help you to get the first quality control before the supplier warehouse delivers the goods. We will check the quality of the products according to the standard procedures. Then check the quality again when the goods arrive at the warehouse. If there is no problem, it will be unified and packaged to inform you of the payment. (You can also pay through your receiving warehouse, wait for us to deliver to your warehouse, and pay us with the invoice after delivery.) We will receive your payment and we will deliver it according to your prompt. Your shipping warehouse. After you receive the product and check that the product has no quality problems, click to confirm the receipt of the goods. If you find the product in question within 3 days, please take a photo and let us know, we will reply to your comments. I also hope that you will make more suggestions on all aspects of our efforts to achieve your most satisfactory. 818dior Wholesale Network has established a high-quality supplier file, and once found that the poor quality of the processing plant will cancel the qualification of the manufacturer.

Fast delivery: In the current era, e-commerce is the mainstream business method. People shop online through online orders, and fast logistics and distribution is very important. We have long-term logistics partners with good reputation and strength. Provide, small package logistics, bulk logistics, land transportation, air transportation. There is a special line express, there are also people to bring goods channels. If you are in a hurry, you can get to Moscow in 2-3 days. Deliver the products you ordered quickly to your hands. If you don't have a cooperative logistics warehouse yet, you can tell us that we will recommend you a satisfactory warehouse to give you no transportation concerns.

Convenient payment::1; transfer through bank account 2; Western Union 3; Silver Star Express 4; MoneyGram 5: designated warehouse withdrawal; 6 middleman remittance.